Tracker Production

The Rhythm Academy’s ‘Tracker Production’ course provides proven examples of how to create a commercially viable pop production. The course is taught by Mikko Tamminen, a leading expert in the field in Finland. For more information about the instructor, see the instructor profile below. The course covers all the steps from a demo track to […]

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Introduction to Arrangement

The Rhythm Academy’s course Introduction to Arrangement provides concrete examples of what arrangement is, how it is done, why it is done and what arrangement encompasses. The course also explores arranging as a profession and addresses copyright issues related to arranging music. You can view the course topics in the Course content section at the

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Sound Design

Apply to Rhythm Academy’s ‘Sound Design’ course! The course will introduce you to sound design from the viewpoint of digital music production. Topics to be covered include using basic functions of synthesizers to create sounds, creating effects, mixing, and taking frequency ranges and stereo image into account when creating a soundscape. The use of completely

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On the Rhythm Academy’s ‘Sampling’ course, you will familiarise yourself with sampling as a technique for producing music. The course instructor is Toni Kurkimäki. For more information about the instructor, see the biography below. The course will introduce you to sampling as a useful skill you can use to bring a unique sound to your

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Gig Production in Practice

Are you interested in organising your own live show as an artist or a band? What should you consider when organising an event? How do the artist and the venue communicate with each other? And how are concerts produced at clubs, festivals and smaller venues in practice? Apply for the Rhythm Academy’s ’Gig Production in

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Online Song Camp

On the online song camp, students will familiarise themselves with co-writing as a working method under the guidance of expert instructors. The course has a particular focus on studying teamwork skills for writing music, and familiarising students with the basics of songwriting. During the song camp, students will create songs for artists. The camp will

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Introduction to mixing

COURSE DESCRIPTION Are you interested in mixing music but don’t know where to start? Do you want to know what phases mixing generally includes, and how to process different instruments? And are you interested in how to use compressors and equalizers? If you make music, play in a band, or are interested in sound technology

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Music industry mentoring

Not sure which way to take your career in the music industry and how to take the next step? The Rhythm Academy music industry mentoring service provides an opportunity to develop and hone your skills and strengths with the help of seasoned music professionals. Mentoring is a process and collaborative relationship which enhances and supports

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Toolkit for songwriting

The TOOLKIT FOR SONGWRITING course provides a comprehensive information package on writing songs. The course covers topics such as the balance, structure, harmony, melody, rhythm, timbre, lyrics, hooks and co-writing of a song, and gives advice on what to do if a song just doesn’t work. The instructor is Laura Sippola, who is a pianist-singer-songwriter

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