Introduction to Arrangement


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Course description

The Rhythm Academy’s course Introduction to Arrangement provides concrete examples of what arrangement is, how it is done, why it is done and what arrangement encompasses. The course also explores arranging as a profession and addresses copyright issues related to arranging music. You can view the course topics in the Course content section at the bottom of the page.

The instructor is Mikko Pellinen, a leading expert in the field. For more information about the instructor, see the instructor biography below.

The course videos will be made available for the selected students at the first joint meeting.


The course is free of charge in the pilot phase, and it is primarily aimed at people living in Southern Ostrobothnia. As this course is a part of a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), participants are required to fill in monitoring information and feedback forms related to ESF projects. 

The course consists of pre-recorded video material, four online meetings and three assignments.

Please refer to the Schedule box for the dates of the joint online sessions and their contents.  

Following successful applications, 12 people will be selected for the course.


Click the ”Submit application” button at the top of the page and fill in the application form (make sure you are registered prior to submission). All applicants will be notified personally of their possible admission to the course and sent further instructions on how to proceed.


Composer, arranger and musician

Mikko Pellinen is known as a versatile composer, arranger and musician, who has composed and arranged jazz, orchestral music and theatre music, among other genres. In recent years he has worked as the musical director of singer Aili Ikonen’s band and as an arranger of Ikonen’s songs. Pellinen’s compositions and arrangements have been performed by numerous orchestras, including the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Kuopio Symphony Orchestra and Oulu Sinfonia. In addition to making music, Pellinen has performed as a bassist in Finland and the Nordic countries, as well as Germany, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Kosovo, Ethiopia, Australia, Mexico and the Netherlands. Currently, Pellinen is the Deputy Assistant Rector of the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory and is in charge of teaching the Music Maker specialisation programme.


– the ability to share sound in Zoom (the Share Sound function)

– a DAW or other means of converting your arrangement into sound


Mikko Pellinen

Composer, arranger, musician

Mikko Pellinen is known as a versatile composer, arranger and musician. He has composed and arranged jazz music as well as orchestral and theatre music, among others. In recent years he has actively collaborated with singer Aili Ikonen as the musical leader of her band and orchestrator of her songs. His works have been played by numerous orchestras, including the Ostrobothian Chamber Orchestra, the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra and Oulu Sinfonia symphony orchestra. In addition to composing and arranging music, the bass player has also performed in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Kosovo, Ethiopia, Australia and Mexico. He is currently working as Deputy Vice Principal at Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, where he is responsible for the curriculum’s Music Maker programme.