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Course description

The Rhythm Academy’s ‘Tracker Production’ course provides proven examples of how to create a commercially viable pop production. The course is taught by Mikko Tamminen, a leading expert in the field in Finland. For more information about the instructor, see the instructor profile below.

The course covers all the steps from a demo track to a finished, publishable product. The video material is very practical and takes you through the production process step-by-step. The software platform used during the course is Logic Pro X. Before the course, the students should acquire a basic understanding of the functions of Logic Pro X. You can view the course topics in the ‘Course content’ section at the bottom of the page.

The course videos will be made available for selected students in conjunction with the first meeting!


The course is free of charge in the pilot phase, and is primarily aimed at people living in Southern Ostrobothnia. As this course is a part of a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), participants are required to fill in monitoring information and feedback forms related to ESF projects. 

The course comprises pre-recorded video materials, three online meetings and one practical assignment. Please refer to the Schedule box for the dates of the joint online sessions and their contents.

Following successful applications, eight (8) people will be selected for the course.


For the practical assignment, the students are given a vocal track and a simple midipiano track. Based on these, each student will produce a commercially viable high-quality track. During the joint Zoom sessions, the whole group will listen to the finished tracks one by one, and the instructor will give feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Fill in the application form at the top of the page (make sure you are registered). All applicants will be notified personally of their successful application to the course and sent further instructions on how to proceed.

Apply by submitting your application.


For the first meeting, select one of your pieces or recordings (one track) to introduce yourself to the group. The recording can be published or unpublished. Choose a piece that you think best demonstrates your work.


Producer, composer and artist Mikko Tamminen is a true multi-talent in the music industry and a pioneer in exporting Finnish songwriting and production knowhow, and his influence can be heard on numerous recordings both in Finland and abroad. Over the course of his international career, Mikko has achieved gold albums and Top 10 chart positions in countries such as Japan and Germany. He has extensive experience in international co-writing and production. Back home he has achieved numerous gold and platinum albums and several Top 10 chart positions while continuing to actively work with some of Finland’s most successful artists. He has been training future musicians in music institutions all over Finland for over ten years teaching modern song writing. Tamminen, also known as ‘Uncle Tamu’, is also a seasoned artist with over 20 years of experience of performing live.

Excerpts from Mikko’s catalogue: Kara ‘Electric boy’ (Japan), Glasperlenspiel ‘Echt’ (Germany), Jolin Tsai ‘Fantasy’ (Taiwan), Shinee ‘Ready or not’ (Korea), Kaija Koo ‘Siniset tikkaat’ and ‘Kuka sen opettaa’ (Finland), Antti Tuisku ‘Hyökyaalto’ (Finland), Teflon Brothers ‘Maradona (Kesä ’86)’ (Finland), Jari Sillanpää ‘Malagaan’ (Finland), Jannika B ‘En luovu susta koskaan’ (Finland), Portion Boys ‘Elämän ABC’ (Finland), Petri Nygård ‘#ihanaa’ (Finland), Robin ‘Parasta just nyt’ (Finland), Yön Polte ‘Tyttö sinä olet meritähti’ (Finland), Neljä Ruusua albums ‘Euforia’, ‘Mustia ruusuja’ and ‘1000X’ (Finland). 

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Logic Pro X

A basic understanding of Logic Pro X

A way of sharing sound in Zoom. Screen sharing with the ‘Share sound’ function will do.

A pieces of music or recording of your own (one track)


Mikko Tamminen

Music maker, producer

Mikko Tamminen is a renowned music industry professional and multi-talented producer, composer and artist, a pioneer in exporting Finnish songwriting and producing knowhow, and has worked on numerous recordings both Finnish and internationally. His career boasts gold records and Top 10 hits in Japan and Germany among others, and he has had wide experience in international co-writing and producing. He has also worked on a number of gold and platinum records and Top 10 hits in Finland, and continues to work with some of the most successful current Finnish artists. He has mentored future musicians in various schools around Finland for over ten years, and has performed live for over twenty years under the artist name Setä Tamu (‘Uncle Tamu’).