Gig Production in Practice


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Course description

Are you interested in organising your own live show as an artist or a band? What should you consider when organising an event? How do the artist and the venue communicate with each other? And how are concerts produced at clubs, festivals and smaller venues in practice?

Apply for the Rhythm Academy’s ’Gig Production in practice’ course! The training covers the different stages of concert production, from the contract to the show night and post-production marketing. If you are in the process of planning and organising you own show, you will have the opportunity to receive feedback and advice from the instructor on your project.


The course aims to give participants an understanding of the steps involved in organising a show and the practical work of event management professionals. It also aims to illustrate how organising a live performance independently differs from organising one in a venue designed for live music. By the end of the course, students will have an idea of all the things to be considered when organising a live show.

Course delivery

The course comprises self-study video materials divided into three sections according to the instructors and the topics covered. The course materials have been prepared in collaboration with the Seinäjoki live music association Selmu ry, and the instructors are promoter and programme manager Marko Kivelä, production manager Henri Kangaskorte and marketing manager Annukka Heinämäki from the Rytmikorjaamo club.

In addition to video material, the course includes scheduled interactive Zoom meetings hosted by Production Manager Emma-Lotta Juutilainen from Fullsteam Agency. During the Zoom sessions, students will have the opportunity to discuss their own upcoming shows with Juutilainen and receive tips for planning the shows and comments on their production plans. In addition to the students’ own projects, Juutilainen will use case examples from her work to illustrate how different types of festival and club concerts are organised in practice, and what the different stages of the production process typically involve.

The course is free of charge in the pilot phase and it is primarily aimed at people living in Southern Ostrobothnia. As this course is a part of a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), participants are required to fill in monitoring information and feedback forms related to ESF projects. The learning materials are published on the Rhythm Academy’s online platform.

How to apply

Register on the Rhythm Academy website by creating a user ID at Once you are logged in, fill in the application form by clicking on the ’Submit application’ button on the selected course description page. Students admitted to the course will be granted access to pre-recorded course material, as well as interactive Zoom meetings. You will find the schedule for the meetings on the right-hand side of the page.

Apply by submitting your application.

Selection criteria

During the selection phase, particular attention is paid to the applicants’ motivation and interest in the field. After the application deadline, the selected applicants will be informed personally by e-mail and sent further instructions on how to proceed.


Emma-Lotta Juutilainen

Production manager

Emma-Lotta Juutilainen is a production manager specialising in producing for artists. She currently works at Fullsteam Agency producing club and arena concerts for international artists, as well as for major events. Her ten-year long career also includes several festival stints in Hungary as well as a number of freelance projects.

Henri Kangaskorte

Production manager

Henri Kangaskorte is the production manager at the Seinäjoki Live Music Association (SELMU ry), where his duties include pre-production of concerts and events, and communications with artists performing at the Rytmikorjaamo club.

Marko Kivelä


Marko Kivelä is the executive manager at the Seinäjoki Live Music Association (SELMU ry) and promoter at the Rytmikorjaamo club, where he is responsible for curating the club line-up.

Annukka Heinämäki

Marketing manager

Annukka Heinämäki is the marketing manager at Seinäjoki Live Music Association (SELMU ry), where she is responsible for the sales and marketing of concerts at the Rytmikorjaamo club and other events, among other things.