The Rhythm Institute is an expert organisation in popular music and one of the five music institutes in Finland. Our mission is to promote a vibrant and creative music culture, to provide education, research, publishing and communication activities related to popular music, and to foster both domestic and international relations in the field. The institute is run by the Rytmi-instituutin kannattajayhdistys ry association founded in 1990.


The Rhythm Institute has carried out its mission as a developer of the field mostly through its various projects as an education provider, publisher and event organiser. In recent years, the institute has also curated an analog studio equipment exhibition and a related collection. As a non-commercial and non-profit organisation, the Rhythm Institute provides independent information and training, available to all. The Rhythm Institute is one of the few organisations within the music industry that strive to develop the entire popular music industry in an equitable way, without advocating for any one professional group. One of the Institute’s core values and functions is to maintain relations to all participants across the music sector.


The Rhythm Institute has always had its finger on the pulse, constantly developing to meet the needs arising within the field of music by providing education and training, courses, publications and publication channels for music makers. The world is changing, and with it popular music and the need to promote a creative and vibrant popular music culture. We want to be at the forefront of this development.


Operational spearheads 


Currently, our main areas of activity include training, coaching and event organisation and publication activities, as well as various promotion projects. This site provides more information about all of these areas. We also offer the following services and products we have developed:


Rytmiakatemia (The Rhythm Academy) is an online learning platform for interactive music education.


Rytmimanuaali (The Rhythm Manual) is Finland’s most comprehensive online guide to the world of music making and the music business. The purpose of the Rhythm Manual is to shed light on the tacit information in the field. The topics cover the entire spectrum of music-making from songwriting to career planning. The site is constantly updated to meet the needs of musicians, artists and other actors in the music industry.


The Promoamo promotion service promotes new music made in Finland. It aims to highlight the diversity of Finnish popular music and related phenomena in a contemporary manner.


Ääniaallot (Sound waves) is a permanent exhibition of analog studio equipment housed at the Rytmikorjaamo venue in Seinäjoki.