Online Song Camp


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Et vielä ole osallistunut tähän kurssiin - rekisteröidy mukaan oheisesta painikkeesta!.

Course description

On the online song camp, students will familiarise themselves with co-writing as a working method under the guidance of expert instructors. The course has a particular focus on studying teamwork skills for writing music, and familiarising students with the basics of songwriting. During the song camp, students will create songs for artists. The camp will take place completely online and test new working methods.


By the end of the study unit, students will have a realistic understanding of co-writing, working with collaboration partners, and their own strengths as team members.  

Course delivery

The course will be carried out remotely through Zoom. Students will be divided into 4-5 groups, each with 3-4 members, to attend the camp. Each group will have one member with a sufficient skill level and equipment to record the songs created on the camp.

The song camp’s leads will come from record companies and/or artists. In addition to students, two professional composers will attend the camp as mentors, who will give instructions and feedback to each group.

Anyone who lives in Southern Ostrobothnia and makes music can apply to the course. The content is aimed especially at professional musicians or music creators as well as goal-oriented amateur music makers.

How to apply

Register on the Rhythm Academy website. Once you are logged in, you can fill in the application form by clicking on the ‘Submit application’ button. When the application period has ended, each student who has applied to the course will be personally contacted via email. 

Selection criteria

In the application phase, applicants will be assessed on the basis of their motivation and orientation in the field of music, as well as their experience as a music maker. When the application period has ended, all applicants will be notified personally via email of their admission to the course and sent further instructions on how to proceed.