The Rhythm Manual is an online guide for artists and others working in the music industry. From making music to marketing and career planning, the Rhythm Manual provides information on how to find success in the music industry. It is designed to support an artist’s career development. Understanding the big picture of the music business early in one’s career is an important prerequisite for working and succeeding in the industry. In the Rhythm Manual, the term artist refers to any makers or performers of music who play, make their own music or work in the music industry as employees or as entrepreneurs.


The Rhythm Manual is a comprehensive information package covering all aspects of the music scene, and it aims to serve everyone involved in the music industry, regardless of genre. The content and examples given in the Manual are intended to be general and indicative, as there is no single truth about making music and working in the music business. However, all of the articles in the Manual have been written in collaboration with industry professionals, with the aim of sharing practical expert information on the industry.

The Rhythm Manual contains around 120 articles and interviews providing information on the different areas of making music. The articles are divided into nine themes or topics, each with a general introduction under which you will find articles and interviews related to that topic. 


  1. The Music business
  2. Careers
  3. Making music
  4. Sound and video production
  5. Publishing music
  6. Live
  7. Marketing and promotion
  8. Finance and entrepreneurship
  9. Contracts

In addition to the thematic sections, the Rhythm Manual also includes a section on music industry players, and on videos and podcasts. The Music Industry Players menu provides a comprehensive directory of people involved in the music industry. These include education providers, record companies, programme agencies, studios, venues, and organisations that issue grants. The Videos and podcasts section contains interviews with artists and people working in the music industry.


The contents of the Rhythm Manual are currently only available in Finnish. Read more about Rhythm Manual.