Music career coaching

Learn how to build a professional career in the music industry and to develop your extra-musical qualities to support your existing musical skills. In the Music Career Coaching section, you will find courses that cover career planning and brand building, as well as the practices and conventions of the music industry in terms of contracts, gigs and marketing.

Gig Production in Practice

Are you interested in organising your own live show as an artist or a band? What should you consider when organising an event? How do the artist and the venue communicate with each other? And how are concerts produced at clubs, festivals and smaller venues in practice? Apply for the Rhythm Academy’s ’Gig Production in […]

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Music industry mentoring

Not sure which way to take your career in the music industry and how to take the next step? The Rhythm Academy music industry mentoring service provides an opportunity to develop and hone your skills and strengths with the help of seasoned music professionals. Mentoring is a process and collaborative relationship which enhances and supports

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Music industry contracts

Do music industry contracts seem mysterious and distant to you? Would you like to know what a recording contract entails and how to negotiate the terms of a live show? And what does a House Writer contract mean?  Apply for our ‘Music Industry Contracts’ course! Drafting and negotiating contracts may seem daunting, especially in the

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