Music industry contracts


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Course description

Do music industry contracts seem mysterious and distant to you? Would you like to know what a recording contract entails and how to negotiate the terms of a live show? And what does a House Writer contract mean? 

Apply for our ‘Music Industry Contracts’ course! Drafting and negotiating contracts may seem daunting, especially in the early stages of one’s career. In this course, music industry professionals provide practical guidance on the contents of different types of contracts and shed light on the different issues to be negotiated, as well as the advantages of having a written contract.

The course content is designed to cater for the need of artists, music makers and anyone interested in the music business. The course will cover many types of contracts used in the industry, such as different types of recording contracts, house writer contracts, concert sales contracts and performance contracts.


The training aims to provide the participants with an understanding of what the different types of contracts in the music sector entail and what kind of issues should be covered when negotiating contracts.

Course delivery

The course is aimed at anyone living in Southern Ostrobothnia who is interested in music, and no prior training is required. The content is specifically aimed at artists, music makers and those interested in or already working in the music business. During the course, the participants will write a performance contract for themselves, which the instructor will provide comments and feedback on.

The course includes self-study video materials divided into three sections according to the instructors and the topics covered, and scheduled interactive Zoom sessions, which allow students to interact directly with the instructors. Learning materials will be published directly onto the Rhythm Academy’s online platform at

The course is free of charge in the pilot phase, and it is primarily aimed at people living in Southern Ostrobothnia. As this course is a part of a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), participants are required to fill in monitoring information and feedback forms related to ESF projects.

How to apply

Register on the Rhythm Academy website. Once you are logged in, you can fill in the application form by clicking on the ‘Submit application’ button on the selected course description page. Students admitted to the course will be granted access to the pre-recorded course material, as well as the interactive Zoom lectures. The course material will be available to students for a limited period of time.

Selection criteria

During the selection phase, particular attention is paid to the applicants’ motivation and interest in the field. After the application deadline, the selected applicants will be informed personally by e-mail and sent further instructions on how to proceed.


Roope Rantala

CEO, booking agent

Roope Rantala is CEO and booking agent at the Dex Viihde Oy entertainment agency, representing a new generation of agents in the company boasting a 35-year history. His artist roster features a number of frontline bands and singers, such as Kuningasidea, Katri Ylander, Jesse Kaikuranta, Petra, Aurora, Osmo Ikonen, Johanna Iivanainen and Viitasen Piia.

Lumi Ollila

Music maker, Community specialist

Lumi Ollila is a musician and part-time community specialist at the Finnish Music Creators’ Association, where she is responsible for member services, event coordination and advising. She took a leap from her career as a lawyer to focus on music in 2016, and released her debut album ‘Je m’aime’ in October 2022 under the artist name Milou. She has had broad experience in the music industry, from playing in a cover band to translating and singing children’s music.

Katja Vauhkonen

Manager, entrepreneur

Katja Vauhkonen’s career in the music industry started in 2005 at Sony Music Finland, where she was responsible for the marketing and promotion of Finnish artists. In 2016, she started as an artist manager at Fullsteam Management and label manager at Fullsteam Records. After seven years at Fullsteam she now runs her own business, the K. Vauhkosen Musiikit ja Meiningit, established in 2021 and managing bands such as Stam1na, Stoned Statues and Block of Flats. Besides her own business, she also works part-time as executive director at the IndieCo ry association.