Song mentoring


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Course description

Do you make music, but find it difficult to get informed feedback about it? Song mentoring is precisely what you need! Bring your song to a professional jury for assessment and receive practical feedback about your compositions and lyrics.

Song mentoring is carried out in small groups, so you also receive feedback about your work from your peers. You will also hear the other songwriters’ pieces and the feedback they receive and have the opportunity to network with other songwriters.

Members of the professional jury are:

Alpo Nummelin

Alpo Nummelin is a songwriter and producer who has written songs for popular artists such as JVG, Vesala and SANNI. Nummelin works as a producer at Elements Music and as a musician in the band Ruusut, for which he also creates and produces songs.

Hanna Johde

Director of Communications and Culture at Sanoma Media Finland, Hanna Johde is also a songwriter at the music company HMC Publishing. Johde has written songs for well-known Finnish artists such as ABREU, Laura Voutilainen, Suvi Teräsniska and Reino Nordin.

Osku Ketola 

Osku Ketola is an experienced professional in the music industry with experience across both sides of the stage. At the moment, Ketola is the lead singer of the band Elonkorjuu, but in the course of his career he has worked as a production and A&R manager at Warner Music Finland and Kaiku Entertainment, and been a project manager in many other productions. Osku Ketola will moderate the mentoring.


During the course, students will receive feedback about their music, their strengths and where there is room for improvement. Another objective is to network with professionals in the music industry, as well as other songwriters in the area.

Course delivery

The mentoring is carried out remotely via Zoom in small groups. Students admitted to the course are divided into three groups, which will each convene on their own day. The assembly dates for each group are listed below.

Any music maker living in South Ostrobothnia can apply for the course. The course content is specifically aimed at professional musicians or music makers, as well goal-oriented amateur music makers.

How to apply

Register on the Rhythm Academy website. Once you are logged in, you can fill in the application form by clicking on the ‘Submit application’ button. When the application period has ended, each student who has applied to the course will be contacted personally via email. 

Selection criteria

During the application phase, the applicants will be assessed on the basis of their motivation and orientation in the music industry, as well as their experience as a music maker. After the application deadline, the selected applicants will be informed personally by e-mail and sent further instructions on how to proceed.



Hanna Johde

Lyricist, communications and cultural director

Sanoma Media Finland Communications Director Hanna Johde is also a songwriter at HMC Publishing, and she has co-written songs for a number of top Finnish artists, such as ABREU, Laura Voutilainen, Suvi Teräsniska and Reino Nordin.

Alpo Nummelin

Songwriter, Producer

Alpo Nummelin is a songwriter and producer, who has co-written a number of songs for some of Finland’s most popular artists, including JVG, Vesala and SANNI. Besides his day job as producer at Elements Music, Nummelin also plays in the band Ruusut, as well as writing and producing songs for them.

Osku Ketola

Music Maker

Osku Ketola is a seasoned music industry professional, with extensive experience both on and off stage. Currently the lead singer of folk rock band Elonkerjuu, Ketola has also worked as A&R Manager at Warner Music Finland and Kaiku Entertainment, as well as project manager for a number of productions.